About Us

Welcome to 2TymingThreads! We specialize in quality, high-end, pre-owned (and sometimes new) designer clothes, fashions, handbags, and accessories for ladies and gentlemen. Our goal is to provide quality products more in line with today’s economy. We are an e-Commerce and eBay Power-Seller with over 29,000 transactions to a worldwide audience. We pride ourselves with not only providing quality products, but also with delivering "Best in Class" customer services resulting in the ultimate customer experience.


The company has a long history starting as a hobby for Debbi Miscioscia Wells, a true bargain hunter who in 1995 searched the country for designer handbags for her own collections. In order to fund this hobby, she discovered that she could source some of her fabulous finds on eBay. The business kept growing and her unique gift for fashions, treads, and quality soon had her expanding into clothing and accessories. In 2005 Debbi said goodbye to Gillette to pursue, what was now, her passion of providing the highest quality fashions without the sacrifice of having to pay retail. She incorporated her business in 2012 moving her company to its new home in Norwich, Connecticut where she has recruited additional talent to continue the growth of the company.


2Tyming Threads has a very simple model. Find the best fashions and sell them at the best price. It is our customers that have molded our model and driven our success by showing us what the fashion savvy, budget conscious consumer not only wants in their closet, but what they will pay for it.

We pride ourselves our providing our customers with accurate, detailed, and comprehensive information on every item with sell. Sure, we could look for shortcuts but we know that ultimately, for us to be successful every customer will receive exactly what they expected. For each item we include detailed pictures, actual measurements, detailed descriptions, and any flaws or defects. Our customer service team is always ready to answer any questions regarding our items. We understand the resources we invest in meeting the expectations of every customer is paramount to our growth and we are not interested in growth at the expense of our customers.

At the end of the day we want to build loyalty by delivering the best in class customer experience.