Authentic Vintage LOUIS VUITTON 10K Gold Idylle Blossom Chain Necklace Rare Find

Authentic Vintage LOUIS VUITTON 10K Gold Idylle Blossom Chain Necklace Rare Find


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Not marked, however it has been tested by 3 reputable jewelers for metal verification/content. it is not magnetic, it is not plated. It has been acid tested. It has been closely scrutinized under a jewelers high powered loop.
Please review the photos showing acid test at different time intervals. Also shown is my presidium diamond tester testing the metal. For those who don't know, a non precious metal won't register nor will steel. Sterling tests positive as a diamond and gold will range between a 5-6 to just below the diamond range. (In one of the pics please note my magnet that is powerful enough to stick on my keyboard and move cars. However it won't stick to this necklace)
it has been authenticated by 2 independent reputable authentication establishments.
One look and you will undoubtedly know there is no way this sort of craftsman ship could ever be duplicated with such attention to detail and overall perfection other than by the house of Vuitton.
* Please note, the last item is NOT mine. It is included from a reputable website (You can google the title and find out which free advertising to compare mine with theirs as an additional "authenticity" check (comparing craftsmanship)
It weighs a solid 13.1 grams. Based on today's "scrap" gold value, just in weight it has a value of $228.82
It measures 16.5" end to end.  Approx. 13 mm wide at it's widest point. Lobster style closure with infamous "rectangle" like "loop" on the opposite end. Each link is soldered. The chain is meticulously entwined through each of the blossom and star/quatrefoils and fleurs symbol/charm.  Very nice high shine. No tangles, tarnish or any other sort of damage.
  • Condition:  It is in outstanding vintage condition. Not new however no obvious signs of wear. Comes only as shown.
  • You would be hard pressed to find another like it. Given the style and condition it is my opinion, that this is a priceless piece. No avid collectors collection would be complete without it.
  • It is 100% guaranteed authentic and backed by my hard earned great reputation of being an honest and ethical re seller/purveyor of high end designer pieces and collectibles.
    ***It will be security tagged , fingerprinted as well as filmed during the shipping process for everyone's protection.

*** Special note*** A similar piece is being offered on Vestiaire Collective. I mention this for they have images that you can scroll over to get a closer look. You can use those photos as a comparison to the craftsman ship and authenticity to the one being offered here. I am not sure of the age of their piece or actual age of mine( I am pretty certain it is circa pre-90's) , but you can see the quality as well as detail is consistent in both pieces.