Antique Vintage 1932 RCA Ribbon Velocity Microphone w Stand Pendant 10K Chain

Antique Vintage 1932 RCA Ribbon Velocity Microphone w Stand Pendant 10K Chain


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Here is what I know to be the facts:
Aside from a New York older radio station call sign WABY there are no other markings, hallmarks etc. (
I am unsure as to the relationship of this mic year and the year the radio station went officially on air. Perhaps the date corresponds to when the idea was conceived?
Neither the pendant or chain are magnetic. I have shown the strength of my magnets with them being attached to heavier than norm scissors. Seriously, these magnets could be registered as lethal weapons. They are THAT powerful.
They both stood up to a vigorous cleaning in an attempt to actually get them to tarnish. I used soap detergent and ammonia (My eyes are still tearing).
I polished away tarnish with a gold tarnish/polishing cloth. It only got brighter. So tarnish was able to be removed. I couldn't get them to tarnish.
With my presidium tester based on hardness, the pendant registered as a diamond. This generally indicates sterling.
My tester doesn't pick up non precious metals or stainless. The chain tested as gold. (within the 5-9 range as pictured).
I then scratched them on a porcelain dish as shown. They left gold/golden marks, not black. Neither piece shows a worn area from where it was scratched nor did expose any base metal.
Having passed all the non-chemical tests, I then acid tested them as shown.
The chain tested positive for 10K, The mic and stand did not. Perhaps plated sterling or gold-filled or a karat content below 10K. The mic and stand hereby refereed to as "pendant" is not brass. Neither exhibits the color of brass. It does not have a brown or golden undertone. I am certain.
The chain doesn't have a closure. It is attached to the pendant via a single un-soldered ring. The individual links of the chain are soldered.
The pendant is articulated. It doesn't have the "RCA" logo on it but as shown is inspired by it. It is actually a very good replica of a 1932 RCA Ribbon Velocity microphone with table stand.
The craftsman ship on the pendant is incredible. Even down to the "holes". They are graduated with some appearing to be "open". Please refer to close ups to see what I mean.
Both have a combined weight of 41 grams with the chain being 7 of that. Please refer to photos again for sense of size against a ruler (mm's).
Based on today's gold scrap value of 10k, the chain alone would have a value of $123.21. However we know it is not scrap.
Together, this set (I believe they do go together and that the chain was not an after market if you will "add-on") is extremely valuable in the sense of it being highly collectible, the incredible detail, the radio station call sign and the overall rarity of the set.
I am assigning a very fair price. However it is the collector that will deem it's true value. For that reason I am open to legitimate offers.
Low-ball offers won't even be considered.
I can say this with the utmost certainty, you would be lucky almost like being strike by lightening twice to stumble across a set like this again in your lifetime.
My photos are my own and have not been manipulated. Due to lack of image content if you would like to view larger images of a single photo I suggest saving the image to your computer and then cropping what you want to see a bit closer.
I have done countless hours of research on this and I know for a fact it does have value in terms of gold and even more so to a collector of antiques and or vintage radio collectors. I can't and won't be persuaded otherwise. 
During the shipping process, the set will be security tagged, fingerprinted, pictures taken and it will be filmed for everyone's security. Everything stated is factual. Lastly to ensure I have covered all the "bases" the set is pre-owned and true vintage. It is in remarkable vintage condition with no damage or flaws and extremely minimal signs of wear considering it's age.