Antique Solid Sterling Silver 925 Jewelers Loupe Barbed Wire Chain Necklace

Antique Solid Sterling Silver 925 Jewelers Loupe Barbed Wire Chain Necklace


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Sterling Silver Ornate Filigree Jewelry Loop Necklace. Unusual to say the least.
It is undoubtedly antique,
I believe based on some of the discreet solder marks, that it was handmade.
The chain is solid and very heavy and really does look like barbed wire with a slightly "blackened" look that was intended. It can be detached from the working loop that is encased in a open filigree "case". It was crafted this way.
The loupe has a very high magnification and is very powerful. It isn't marked but it is much stronger than my 30x. It appears to be more of a "professional" grade. Refer to my photos of the close up of chain links.
The tip of either side of the loupe's casing features a sparkling bezel set stone. Neither stone tests as a diamond.
The casing for the loupe is marked : 925 on the top of one side as well as the top interior of one side.
The top of the "stem" that the chain attaches to is embossed with filigree. A pretty amazing feat since it is so small.
I am not able to find where or if the chain itself is marked. However it has been tested with various methods and is guaranteed to be at least 92.5% silver.  Based on it having to support the loupe, I can't imagine it being any "higher" than that for it would be too "soft".
The combined weight of the two is a hefty 60 grams.
The loupe is of standard size. The chain is approx. 46" -47" long not including the "stem". So when worn, the chain has a drop of pretty close to or if not exactly 24". This doesn't include the stem of the loupe. 
Whether you are a jeweler, a weekend jewelry enthusiast or a collector of fine, rare and unusual vintage pieces, you don't want to pass this up.
After hours of research I couldn't find anything quite like it. I found more recent loupe's being sold by themselves/ But none as a genuine antique and powerful magnification set. Even the chain is unique. 

You can't go wrong. My personal value assignment: "priceless"

Obviously both pieces are pre-owned.. No hazing or obvious scratches to loupe. I did use a disposable eyeglass wipe to "disinfect" the glass.
The tiny dot like marks near the mark "925" on exterior of loupe isn't tarnish. Not sure why they are there. Perhaps an identifying mark? Aside from superficial hairline "scratches" and ever so slight tarnish, it is in outstanding vintage condition.