1930s Vintage Northern Brown Silky Sheared Beaver Bakelite Button Swing Coat M

1930s Vintage Northern Brown Silky Sheared Beaver Bakelite Button Swing Coat M


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 Beaver dyed coney )refer to additional details for more on this type of fur)

Color:  Brown

Lined (Y/N):  Y

Closes By:  top hook and singe bakelite button

Vented (Y/N):  N

Shoulder Pads (Y/N):  Y

Exterior Pockets:  Y

Interior Pockets:  N

Fit (Fitted, Tapered, A-Line, Full):  A Line

Additional Comments/Features:  Dyed and with the tips sheared in order to resemble the short dark-brown coat of natural beaver fur. It is the fur of the common rabbit. It is most commonly used in the making of fur hats and coats, and is considered quite valuable today, although it was once a lower-priced commodity in the fur trade.

    • Size:
      •  Not tagged   ** PLEASE NOTE** There is NO size label. Based on the way it fit our mannequin, our experience as well as actual measurements, we guestimate it as a "M/Medium ".
      • Since it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure fit, please refer to our measurements to assist you.
    • Approximate Measurements:
      • Shoulder (seam to seam):  16.5"
      • Sleeve Length (from shoulder seam):  24" (sleeves are "belled" and are 10" wide across lying flat at the bottom
      • Underarm:  19.5"
        • Measured from seam to seam lying flat from the backside.Please note, this is not a chest measurement. Without it being worn by someone, there is not a way to accurately provide that circumference.
      • Length (from TOP of BACK collar):  36"
      • Waist:  36"
      • Hips:  47"
      • Swing: 25" across the bottom
      • Falls to Approximately:  Knee length


  • It is vintage pre-owned. It is in surprisingly good condition for a coat of this age. There is no shedding,odors or bald spots.
  • As shown, the lining shows fading/discoloration from age. Of course this can't be seen when wearing.
  • I noted when measuring that the back lining was hanging a little. It did not seem like that when it was on the mannequin. The lining is not un-stitched so I am not sure why it is. It looks like maybe it needs a pressing? Again, it wasn't anything noticeable when being worn (on the mannequin) so maybe it is that way when lying flat.
  • Lastly, the bigger issue is as shown in one of the last photos, to the left of the button, left side; there is a small area (approx. 1.5") in which the "skin" has lifted or "torn".  You could slide  approx. 2 fingers in it (although I didn't put my fingers in all the way for fear of causing more damage)  It is not obvious when wearing or at all actually.  I only found it by feeling around the coat for any tears. If you look closely at the last photo, you can see a small area that looks slightly "raised". (which I did intentionally for photos) I am sure someone crafty could find an inexpensive way to repair this. Maybe fabric glue? I am not sure. It is truly a unique gorgeous coat and worth the effort to "repair" all that has been mentioned. 

*This item is from a smoke-free environment and has no odors of any kind*

Please note scarf and/or accessories are shown for demonstrative purposes only