18K White Gold 2.5 Carat Moissanite Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Retail $3775

18K White Gold 2.5 Carat Moissanite Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Retail $3775


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No bad karma. Started off friends and we still remain friendly. I will provide all the details as told to me by a jeweler,research and measurements/specs as shown in photos.

I do not have paperwork. Asking for it would have been inappropriate. Perhaps I would have to insure it otherwise it would have seemed all I cared about was how much he spent.

Comes with the jewelers outer box,ring box and drawstring bag. Even those are fancy!

8mm cushion cut center moissanite, 2mm moissanite stones down either side (9 each side for a total of 18) Hidden halo has another 3 on each side for a total of 12. Total gem weight is approx. 2.5 carat diamond equivalent.

All stones test as a diamond on a Presidium diamond tester as shown which is one of the best in the industry.

Marked and tested as 18K. Size 6.75 and sizable. Weight is 3.2 grams. Band is approx. 4mm.

I do not know the color/clarity however the stones do NOT exhibit cloudiness , gray or yellowy tinge. Throws off amazing color and sparkle. In my opinion it has the perfect profile; high enough to "pop" but not too high to snag on things.

I included a screen shot showing a ring that is almost identical in terms of carat size, style and gold content. As shown, a pricey ring!

It is so beautiful and will certainly draw lot's of attention, envy and compliments : ) It is as close to new as you can get. It has been professionally cleaned/steamed. No loose stones. No flaws or signs of wear to report.